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On the road again?

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August 10, 2018

Planning a road trip before the end of the year? Just make sure you’re not wasting money that could be better spent on fun. Before you leave, check out these tips:

  • Get a tuneup. A vehicle that’s in good repair will consume less gas on the road, and you’ll catch any potential problems that might turn into expensive repair jobs far from home.
  • Plan your route. Whether you use Google maps or the old-fashioned folding variety, spend some time looking for the most efficient (or picturesque) path from point A to point B. Be realistic about your expected daily progress so you don’t get overtired driving late.
  • Look for deals. Check the internet for price breaks on motels and attractions along your route. You can often save some money by signing up for a motel chain’s loyalty plan, for instance.
  • Pack your own food. You’ll save time and money by bringing along some sandwiches and snacks so you don’t have to stop at a restaurant when you get hungry.

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