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First Equity HELOC

It is now easier than ever to make the most of the equity in your home

When you’re considering a home improvement or faced with an unexpected expense, turn to First Financial Northwest Bank.  

We can help turn possibilities into realities.

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HELOC Loan Features:

  • Rates as low as prime + 0%*
  • Lending available up to 75% on primary residence
  • HELOC is available on Primary Residence and Second Homes.
  • Local, in-house decisioning on loans.
  • Convenient access to transfer payments directly from your FFNWB Online banking checking account.
  • Great opportunity to do business with your local Community Bank

You can apply as an Individual or with a Joint Application. Just select the appropriate button below to apply.  

*Rates are variable and may increase after closing as determined by the WSJ Prime + a margin. The current Annual Percentage Rate Range (APR) is 8.75%-10.50%. The minimum APR is 4.00% and the maximum is 18.00%. Loan terms includes a 10 year draw period which converts to either a 15/20 year fixed rate term with P & I payments based on current interest rate at time of conversion. Rate and maximum loan amount vary based on creditworthiness, loan-to-value and occupancy. Annual fee of $50.00 is waived the first year and third-party set up costs may range from $0-$1,500 with the Bank paying standard closing costs (Non-standard costs include appraisals and other costs such as escrow and recording for non-bank documents). Property insurance is required. Loan program subject to credit approval. Rates, terms and fees subject to change without notice