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Enhanced Spending Tools

Now you can view all of your accounts in one place! Easily view your credit cards, investments, mortgages and more through your First Financial Northwest online banking! All you need is your login information from your other institutions and you can safely link them all in one place. Your online banking becomes the financial hub you can rely on to monitor and manage your cash flow, investments, spending, budget and savings goals.


Spending: Review your spending habits and gain a better understanding as to where your money is going. Included is a standard list of categories to get you started however feel free to create a custom category that specifically matches your financial lifestyle.

Saving: Whatever your financial goals are, we are here to support you reaching them! Determine your savings goal and easily see how close to you are to achieving it.

Budget: Now that you’ve categorized your transactions, you can make well-informed financial decisions on budgets you’d like to create for yourself. Follow your financial journey and see when you are approaching your desired spending limit.

How to Sign Up

If you are a current Online Banking customer it is easy to link all your financial institutions accounts to your current account.


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It's easy to do! You will need to be an existing First Financial Northwest Bank customer enrolled in Online Banking in order to use this service.

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