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Using Popmoney® you can send, request and receive money with almost anyone, online or through your mobile device.


  • Convenient - Recipients don't have to have an existing Popmoney® Account. All they need is a bank account and email or mobile number.
  • Secure - You don't have to share financial information to send or request funds.
  • Easy - Payments are made directly to or from your FFNWB checking account
  • Donate - You can now donate to registered charities, and those donations will not be charged a fee.

How it works:

Enroll in Online banking, and you'll be able to send money securely on the web or through  First Mobile - our mobile banking app on your mobile device. To send money, open the app, select Bill Pay and click on the Popmoney® link.  

You never need to exchange financial account information. 

Learn more at - Fees may apply.

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