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Text Banking

Receive information about your accounts quickly through a text message on your mobile phone! Once enrolled, simply text your command to 39812 from your mobile phone and quickly receive information about your accounts. With text banking you can quickly check account balances, transfer history, and review recent transactions!

Text Banking is free to enroll and use, however, your mobile phone carrier may charge you standard data and messaging rates. Please contact your mobile phone carrier for messaging and data rates.

Text Commands

When texting a command about a specific account, be sure to include your account nickname. For example “bal chk” will send you balances on your account given the short nickname “chk.”

  • bal - returns the balance on your primary checking or savings account.
  • bal all - returns the available balance of all your accounts.
  • trans - this command is used for performing transfers. 
  • hist - returns the history with last 5 transactions of your primary account. Need more than 5 transactions? Text “more” for the next five transactions.
  • nick - returns a list of all your account nicknames.
  • help - returns a list of all commands.
  • stop - this command will unsubscribe the phone from Text Banking.

How to Sign Up

To get started with Text Banking, log into Online or Mobile Banking and select "Profile", then "Text Banking" to activate your phone


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It's easy to do! You will need to be an existing First Financial Northwest Bank customer enrolled in Online Banking in order to use this service.

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