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Multifactor Authentication

  1. To make your online banking experience as secure as possible, we use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This added layer of security requires more than one form of verification of a user’s identity. If anything, out of the ordinary is detected, we will verify your identity.

  2. Because:

    • 81% of cybersecurity incidents are due to weak passwords
    • 62% of Americans use the same password across 3-7 online accounts
    • Businesses with MFA in place are 99% less likely to get hacked
  3. Enabling MFA ensures that the only person who has access to your accounts, email, apps, and more is you. This is true for everything from social media accounts to your banking account and business email. Even if a cybercriminal figures out your login and password, with MFA, they won’t be able to access your data.

  4. If we detect any unusual or uncharacteristic activity, we will ask you to answer your security questions or receive a phone call to make sure that it's really you. This will most likely be a very rare occurrence.

  5. If you are a new customer to FFNWB Online Banking, you will see an option to set up MFA during your registration and initial login.

    If you are an existing FFNWB Online Banking user, you can navigate to “My Settings” in online or mobile banking, then scroll to “Security Options” and enable the MFA feature. You will see a success screen on your authenticator app to confirm registration.

    Multi-factor authentication is a simple way to add security to your online logins

  6. There is absolutely no cost associated with using MFA.

  7. You will only be prompted to enter additional information when you access your account from a different browser or device or when a transaction appears to be unusual or uncharacteristic of your typical behavior.

  8. If any unusual or uncharacteristic behavior is detected you will be asked to answer several of the security questions you chose.