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Text Banking

  1. Text Banking is an easy, fast and secure way of banking while using the texting capabilities of your mobile phone. With Text Banking, you can find out the balance and transactions of your accounts on the go, just by texting.

  2. You will need to enroll in Text Banking via either Online (desktop) or via the mobile (browser or app). For desktop, go to the Service menu and the User Profile tab to enroll in Text Banking. On mobile, go to the Customer Service menu item. You will need a mobile phone with texting capabilities. Standard messaging and data rates may apply.

  3. Yes, you do need to create short nicknames to use with Text Banking. It is a lot easier to request the balance of a specific account with short nicknames and makes the reply shorter

  4. We do not transfer any account numbers, password or sensitive information. The phone is assumed to be secure with the owner and it is the owner's responsibility to lock the phone for privacy. The balance and transaction history being returned from your account will remain in your messaging history until deleted.

  5. The commands for Text Banking are: bal, hist, more, nick, help and stop. The details of each command are available in the help content above.

  6. Text Banking is free to enroll and use, however, your mobile wireless carrier may charge you standard data and messaging rates. *Please contact your mobile wireless carrier for messaging and data rates.

  7. No, the commands are not case sensitive. You can text BAL, Bal, or bal which would all mean the balance command

  8. You can remove a phone from Text Banking by two methods:

    1.  Texting back stop will remove the phone from Text Banking, or
    2.  From Online (desktop) or from mobile (browser or app), go to the Text Banking screen from Customer Service. Delete the phone number you wish to remove from Text   Banking.

    Note that you will need to enroll the phone number again the next time you want to use that phone for Text Banking.

    If you have questions, please contact Customer Service at 866.372.1200.